Ducks for the Farm

We ordered 4 eggs from a farm somewhere in Oregon through Amazon. Three of the four eggs have hatched and we have baby ducks for the farm.

The names are Huey, Dewy and Louie – although names might change once we find out the actual sex…

Loving farm life

We have a friend who installed a bee hive on the farm. It is fun to watch as things evolve.

He was over today and we found the queen – and everything looks good for now. And of course we added some chicks today – 7 new ones so egg production this fall will be way, way up.

Belly Rub

We had a foster beagle who loved her belly rubbed. She was demanding enough to get our beagle, Yoshi, to rub her belly for her. The original video was over a minute so I speeded up some of the action in the middle. It is fun to watch Yoshi’s tongue once he finished.