The Apple Photos feature of organizing and presenting memories sometimes finds a photo that I had forgotten about. This is one of those.

This is Charlie taking a nap with me from 7 years ago. Just figured I would share as it puts a smile on my face. He might have a cold nose, but he has a very warm heart.CharlieNap.png


Yoshi scratched his cornea last week during the Sunday “rabbit hunt”. He has had the cone on for a week while it heals (he has been a really good sport when putting in eye drops twice a day).

The good thing is the cone doesn’t slow him down.

Belly Rub

We had a foster beagle who loved her belly rubbed. She was demanding enough to get our beagle, Yoshi, to rub her belly for her. The original video was over a minute so I speeded up some of the action in the middle. It is fun to watch Yoshi’s tongue once he finished.