Day 1 – Evening Dinner

We started scouring the standard websites for a place to eat on the night of our arrival. After doing a long walk to find some of the restaurants that looked good from the websites, we discovered that the pandemic has taken a toll on the local restaurants – at least in the tourist area by the hotel. We could find very few of the top rated restaurants still in business.

After a long walk and debate, we finally settled on one called Hast la Vuelta, Señor. It turned out to be a good choice.

The waiter asked us what we would like to drink, and after a long day of travel, we probably looked like a deer in headlights until we heard the word “wine”. We ordered the special house wine and he brought the bottle – it was then we realized we hadn’t asked the price first, it ended up being a surprise when we got the check.

One thing that was interesting with Ecuador – they use the US dollar as their currency – no exchange needed.

David ordered the Corvina en salsa de camarón (Sea bass fillet in an exquisite seafood sauce accompanied by potatoes and salad) and I had the Chugchucara (Fried meat pork, accompanied by boiled white corn, potato tortilla, fried sweet plantain, pop corn, “tostado” maize, avocado and fried pork rind).

It did feel like a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with the pop corn on the plate. Both were good, but I think I liked David’s bass a little better than mine. With my dish, I didn’t realize how many ways there were to prepare corn.

We mentioned to the Celebrity rep that we wondered around and he told us to be careful (which we always are). Later we did hear about someone getting hit with the ‘bird poop pick pocket scheme’ while out and about. Same as any big city – you have to keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings.

And a side note – the wine ended up being $33 for the bottle which wasn’t bad as it was good.


I did not know that ducks are very social animals. We had six eggs but only one produced, so she has been hanging out with us while we watch tv.

This is Chop Suey – or Chops as we are calling her.

The ducks are growing fast. Considering they are just at 3 weeks old and are already larger than the chicks that are 3 months old.

The chicks that were chasing them around are now regretting that choice.