I did not know that ducks are very social animals. We had six eggs but only one produced, so she has been hanging out with us while we watch tv.

This is Chop Suey – or Chops as we are calling her.


Yoshi scratched his cornea last week during the Sunday “rabbit hunt”. He has had the cone on for a week while it heals (he has been a really good sport when putting in eye drops twice a day).

The good thing is the cone doesn’t slow him down.

The ducks are growing fast. Considering they are just at 3 weeks old and are already larger than the chicks that are 3 months old.

The chicks that were chasing them around are now regretting that choice.

Ducks for the Farm

We ordered 4 eggs from a farm somewhere in Oregon through Amazon. Three of the four eggs have hatched and we have baby ducks for the farm.

The names are Huey, Dewy and Louie – although names might change once we find out the actual sex…

Loving farm life

We have a friend who installed a bee hive on the farm. It is fun to watch as things evolve.

He was over today and we found the queen – and everything looks good for now. And of course we added some chicks today – 7 new ones so egg production this fall will be way, way up.