Day 1 – Airport and Hotel

Quito Airport was impressive. Immigration and customs was quick and painless. We were met by Celebrity Cruises staff right after we picked up our luggage and they put us in a bus to the airport.

The bus from the airport to the hotel

I think it was because of CV protocols, we were in this bus by ourselves. Ecuador wasn’t requiring pre flight CV testing for arrivals if you are fully vaccinated, so I think Celebrity was being cautious until they could get us to the hotel and do the pre-cruise testing.

We got our welcome drink (which was very good and we got an extra for the road) and information for pre-cruise CV testing on arrival to the hotel. Since everyone comes from the airport in small groups, it is very organized and crowd free getting to your room.

We were treated to a light show at the hotel. A thunderstorm moved through with lots of lightning, and being in the mountains the thunder reverberated making it even more dramatic.

I discovered the next day that there was actually a tornado associated with this storm. I do have to say Quito puts on quite the arrival show for visitors 😜.